Kelly Khumalo throws a hissy fit

Kelly Khumalo throws a hissy fit

Two weeks after the YFM and Chevrolet Divas party which was held at Movida in Sunninghill, reports have surfaced that Kelly Khumalo and Dineo Ranaka had an altercation.

Khumalo allegedly arrived more than two hours late for rehearsals. According to a source, the singer was behaving like an all round diva as she wasn't prepared for the gig, failed to follow the brief, and was throwing tantrums.

Things spiralled out of control during rehearsals when YFM afternoon drive host and 'Club 808' presenter Ranaka asked Khumalo about motherhood.

Ranaka says she was getting ready for the rehearsal while one of her colleagues was interviewing Khumalo for an insert on her show about Khumalo's music when she thought she'd ask her about motherhood to make for a relevant interview.

"I stood up and asked her how being a mom had changed her life. She went on about protecting her family from the media and she was just shouting," says Ranaka.

Ranaka says there was nothing malicious about her question and that Khumalo needs the media.

"Look I have nothing but love for her, but she must just relax and know that not everyone is out to get her. She must stop focusing on negativity and start looking at positive things," says Ranaka.

Ranaka adds that Khumalo is taking the diva concept too literally.

"You can still be a pleasant diva. I hope she knows that," she said.

Date Posted : 07 Sep 2010