Kalawa Jazmee artist manager absconds with money

Kalawa Jazmee artist manager absconds with money

Kalawa Jazzmee's artist manager shocked Faka Ukshisa Entertainment after he retracted from the original contract to book kwaito artist, Professor.

The company owner, Musa Nkuna, popularly known as Makhomba, feels disappointed after he paid R15 000 to secure kwaito star, Professor for a Youth Day celebration that was held on 16 June 2013 in Mpumalanga.

Mkuna told Sowtanlive: "I booked Professor long before he had other gigs, it is not fair that his manager Scotch did not deliver his artist as promised for performance after we made a payment."
The newspaper saw the contract documents which showed that Kamvalethu Productions owned by Kalawa artist manager, Arthur Scotch Mathenga had agreed and signed with Nkuna for amount of R30 000 to be paid for performance by Professor with Faka Ukshisa Entertainment.

According to the contract, the performance fee can be paid as follows: "A deposit equal to 50 percent of the performance fee and transport cost shall be payable upon signature of this agreement."

Kalawa's Mathenga retracted from the signed agreement a week before the event, when Nkuna settled the final amount.

"When I was about to pay another R15 000 on Monday, Scotch turned on our agreement asking me to reschedule the gig.

"He told me that Professor had been booked for a government gig, therefore he cannot make it to our event on time, but we had initially booked him first," Nkuna added.

When Sowetanlive spoke to Kalawa’s artist manager Mathenga, he first denied the incident and admitted that they were "in conversation" with the company.

Nkuna says he still has not been paid back the amount and that Kalawa won't answer their phones.

Date Posted : 20 Jun 2013